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Even $1 Makes a Difference

Be Their Hope Ministry strives to provide for the educational, medical, transportation, and sustainability needs of the children & staff at Tumaini Children's Home.  By supporting one or more of these four needs, your tax deductible donation is helping to make this possible.


Educational Supplies

Yearly Need: $4205

Your donation will be used to purchase school uniforms, shoes, socks, textbooks, writing materials, physical education/recreational items, & backpacks.

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Providing a chance to escape 3rd world poverty




Medical Needs

Yearly Need: $1570

Your donation will be used to purchase bandaids, peroxide, triple antibiotics, cotton balls, deep hit spray, gloves, malarial tests, malarial medicine, ibuprofen, cold & flu medicine, & sanitary pads. It will also provide access to an emergency fund of $50/month for unexpected trips to the hospital.

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Providing access to essential medical care



Yearly Need: $1000

Your donation will be used to purchase auto insurance and fuel. It will also allow Tumaini Children's Home 24/7 access to a vehicle that is safe and well maintained.

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Providing access to transportation 24/7





Current Yearly Need: $2700


Your donation will be used to plow, fertilize, & plant land that has been donated to TCH for the next four years. It will also help pay for the cost of harvesting the crops (labor, lorry rental, & storage bags). Additionally, your donation will help feed and maintain our chickens, cattle, and sheep. This year we hope to purchase a bull to expand our herd.

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Providing opportunities to be self-sustaining

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